A Documentary Film

“Jon Sa Trinxa(working title)
-The Other Side of the Island-"

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On the southernmost point on the island of Ibiza lies Las Salinas Beach, where one man has been performing a soundtrack to the good life for over a quarter century.

People ask,“When do you stop playing?”and Jon Sa Trinxa answers, “When you’ve gone.”They ask,“And when does the season finish?” to which he replies,“When it rains.”

Through exploration of the music made by the iconic Jon Sa Trinxa and the community that flourishes around him, this film explores the multifaceted, eclectic, and inclusive qualities of Balearic culture, and why this culture is so vital to today’s hectic world.


Brief Synopsis

Jon Sa Trinxa began his DJ career in London in 1987. He moved to Ibiza 25 years ago, and has been making music since, from a chilingui- to in Las Salinas Beach. During Ibiza’s off season, he travels around the world, bringing his music with him.

While Jon's mixes are soothing, his life has been full of ups and downs that have informed his music and his personal outlook.

Whether it was chance or fate, Jon has made his career as a DJ, and has never stopped pursuing his own original style of music.

His life, his music, and his philosophy are a pure distillation of the Ibiza lifestyle and values. The film will remind us of what today's world devalues, but what we believe makes life worth living: the freedom to pursue happiness, appreciating silver linings, connect with others, and indulge in“gentle, thoughtful hedonism."

Join us in celebrating a pure love of the good life, music that moves us, and the pursuit of things that delight us.


About this film

Jon’s music is Balearic: an undefinable, fluid, kaleidoscopic blend that defies genres, but more importantly reflects the values of the island’s permanent residents. It meshes across nations and cultures and eras, and it pulses with life and happiness, and it’s unlike anything you can find there or elsewhere. It’s originality has brought Jon to top clubs and festivals and raves and across the globe, but there is nothing like experiencing it on the beach at Las Salinas, under the sun.

This film isn’t just about Jon’s performances on the beach. It’s an exploration of the community that has heard its own voice in his music: an international collection of creatives and craftspeople and thinkers. All people who have found lives on Ibiza they may not have been able to live elsewhere. And it’s about the paths these people have followed, full of coincidences, faith in humanity, and faith in the universe. Each person’s path is different in detail but alike in spirit.

This film was a labor of love of Director Lily Rinae, who also through her own personal experience in Ibiza to the backdrop of Jon's music was reawoken to the meaning and beauty of the Balearic spirit.


Why we made this film

This film was born in a small, cramped office after yet another long day behind a desk in a cubicle. Director Lily Rinae was working a corporate job characterized by an obsession with efficiency and technology and data. Why, she wondered, does everything need to be optimized and quantified? She felt like something essential ‒ and essentially human ‒ was missing.

Lily picked her life up and traveled the world, eventually settling in New York City. But a feeling she’d found on a beach in Ibiza, Spain ‒ under the sun, bathed in music, surrounded by all different kinds of people ‒ stayed with her. It was vibrant and organic, and it helped Lily re-find her humanity. It was the Balearic spirit.

The more time she spent on Ibiza and the more people she met there, the more Lily realized that Jon Sa Trinxa is a pure distillation of that feeling from the beach -- the Balearic spirit. Over the past two years she and her film crew have chased that feeling, brimming with music and generosity and the human spirit, across the world. This movie is the culmination of their journey.