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Artistic Approach

This movie will be categorized as a documentary, but it will share a lot of stylistic elements with art films to reflect the values of the Balearic culture it’s exploring -- free thinking and whimsical.

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Lily will draw heavily on surrealism as an influence, allowing the film to be a medium not just for recording reality but also for recording dreams and emotions.

The film will blend narrative into the landscapes and interviews, and will employ unconventional editing techniques that will act as a visual reflection of the island and the inhabitants, who have plenty of stories to tell.

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There are two main guiding principles:

1) The film will be a sensory experience as much as a narrative one. If you close your ears, the visuals will keep you engaged. If you close your eyes, the music and sounds will still provide a rich experience.

2) This film will not have to be watched beginning to end to provide value -- Jon has said that when he is making music and engaged in his creative process, he doesn’t notice the passage of time. This movie should also not adhere strictly to a linear narrative, and you should be able to feel the Balearic and Jon Sa Trinxa spirit no matter where you join in the film.

We’re in search of Balearic fairy tales.